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My Strong Heart


I have a strong heart

I ask about the motive behind her communication

With you

No matter why she writes to you

You reach for me in the night

My heart is strong

I ask about her priorities when she knows I’m here

Why still

Why is she still talking to you

I know you ache for my kisses

My heart is strong

I believe I’m enough and can show you how I feel

About us

Respect me for loving and trusting you

Look for me in your dreams

I have a strong heart

I trust you

I love you ♥

You Should Date An Illiterate Girl

Not what you might expect!

…the girl who reads knows the importance of plot. She can trace out the demarcations of a prologue and the sharp ridges of a climax. She feels them in her skin. The girl who reads will be patient with an intermission and expedite a denouement. But of all things, the girl who reads knows most the ineluctable significance of an end. She is comfortable with them. She has bid farewell to a thousand heroes with only a twinge of sadness.

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Words That Sing

love talking with you

I love the rhythm of our conversation

As words dance between us

I dream about tomorrow as we talk

Appreciating that the prize is today

How could anything be more important?

I listen to the sound of your voice

Longing to see you speak those words

I will remember all of our lyrics

Knowing they can never be replaced

How could anything be more important?

15 Ways to Make a Guy Go Crazy over You …

15 ways

15 Ways to Make a Guy Go Crazy over You …

Meant 2 Be


A single day, seemed customary, felt ordinary

Many years ago

An interview ceremonial, the questions practiced

The electricity unexpected

Years moved, we paired, we separated

Always with others

In-between memories made, life happened

All without you

Reunited with friends, reminiscing tales, journeys

Curious about you

Annual expectations the same, people and tales

Until you arrived

Meeting again was amazing, seeing you, hearing you

Missing time fled

Days elapsed, restless energy, thinking of you

Waiting in silence

The promise to meet, arranging a place, a time

Talking about us

Our plan was made, counting days, watching minutes

It actually happened

Talking without eating, or drinking or touching

Nearing the end

The awkward stroll to separate, drive away, return home

Then the kiss

That touch created new curiosities, lingering desire

Captivated by you

Through all that passed those years, happy and less

I missed you

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