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My Strong Heart


I have a strong heart

I ask about the motive behind her communication

With you

No matter why she writes to you

You reach for me in the night

My heart is strong

I ask about her priorities when she knows I’m here

Why still

Why is she still talking to you

I know you ache for my kisses

My heart is strong

I believe I’m enough and can show you how I feel

About us

Respect me for loving and trusting you

Look for me in your dreams

I have a strong heart

I trust you

I love you ♥

Words That Sing

love talking with you

I love the rhythm of our conversation

As words dance between us

I dream about tomorrow as we talk

Appreciating that the prize is today

How could anything be more important?

I listen to the sound of your voice

Longing to see you speak those words

I will remember all of our lyrics

Knowing they can never be replaced

How could anything be more important?

What I Want To Say

What I said was not what I meant to say when I said it to you.

What I meant to say I didn’t say to you ’cause I said that instead.

What I should have said to you was exactly what I wanted to say.

What I can’t say is what I want to say but don’t know how to say.

Next time I will say what I mean not what you want me to say.

Then what I said will be what I mean to say when I say it to you.

what i say

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