Never Stop Something

Every morning he sends me a good morning text!  There is some variety to the good morning, the words, an added sentiment or not, the way the smiley face is smiling or winking, or the time of morning he sends it.  All that makes each morning message unexpected and yet the receipt of has almost become expected.  My reply is usually similar, though I tend to use a lot more words . . .  Recently, I felt it was time to let him know how I felt about this pattern that was beginning to develop. ♥  Of course, his reply was witty and charming.

Him:  Good morning 🙂
Me:  You know, I think it’s important in a relationship to keep things fresh – to be cautious of routines that can become boring or get you stuck in a rut or worse, lead to taking each other for granted . . . but I’ll never wish for you to stop telling me good morning.
Him:  Ha ha ha ……I was starting to wonder where you were going with this.
good morning text

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