How Girls Get Ready For A Date

It only took me a few minutes to see some similarities!

Liz Lemon Nights

Hey Guys,

The results of the poll were 50/50 if you, my awesome readers, would like me to share my YouTube videos here…which basically meant that I had to pull the trigger. Oh, the irony.

It’s been a hard decision, but my heart isn’t into food blogging anymore. I love writing comedy and I love cooking, but I absolutely loathe food photography. It was always hard for me to see these “famous” food blogs get so much press when yes, they had great photos, but what they basically wrote was dribble. “I love oatmeal. Oatmeal is so great. Don’t you love oatmeal?” It made me want to punch someone in the mouth. Over time I realized that the majority of the food blogging audience just wanted to see a pretty photo and scroll down to the recipe because it looked good.


I cannot thank you enough for following LLN. I…

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