Oh, The Possibilities

I am not particularly active on dating sites, not really.  There are a few genuinely good reasons for that.  One of them is that  I’m busy, seriously I have a blog going here!

But, when I get a message, I still get excited.  I hold my composure, and think. . . this is it!  This is the one!!  And every, single, time – I’m wrong.

Why am I wrong?  Well, because most messages are from guys that fit into one of 3 categories, none of which do anything for me.

1.  Shotgun approach with spray.  I can tell these from a mile away!  They write a very nondescript message, generic really and copy and paste that message in a “personal” message to every woman they can.  They might sort by location, but that’s about it!  The messages are usually SUPER creepy too!

2.  Cougar Hunters.  They are mid 20’s (age, salary and likely IQ) and frame a message around sex.  Seriously, some are tempting – they’re hot, beefy, and clearly into me.  But, I can’t bring myself to do it . . . so – I move on.

3.  Something Else,  A mismatch in size, age, and / or personal choices.  In my profile, I talk about working out, keeping fit and my preference for ordering off the nutritional menu.  Yet, apparently they disregard these minute details, because the picture I get is of a gentleman (with sunglasses and a big fish!) that has probably not seen the inside of a gym since high school football.  Their job involves no physical activity and indubitably their favorite food is something on the upper far side of 75 grams of fat.  This is NOT about vanity – this is about lifestyle choices, and he and I are not making compatible choices.

Then, there is the old guy, not older, old.  Sometimes, I have to check and make sure they don’t have mutual friends with my dad on Facebook!  I’m not sure if it’s creepy or sad.

Finally, the last ‘Something Else” guy is exemplary of today’s message.  This category doesn’t really need a specific definition, I can tell with a flick of a pic – it’s just not going to work out.  Nope, not for even one date!  Today’s message reminded me . . . I hope there is someone for everyone!

pof pic

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