Top Ten Reasons Why Being Single Is Good

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I 'Heart' Being Single

So why is being single such a great thing? Well I’m here to tell you!

1. It give you a lot of spare time to do stuff for yourself… like setting up a blog 😀

2. It’s cheaper, what with no valentines, Christmas or birthday presents to worry about for your other half you can head out and buy yourself something that you know you want, like perfume!

3. You can make plans with your friends and not have to worry about if they might like your current squeeze, or if they already don’t get on then no worries about fights breaking out… just fun, fun and more fun!

4. Dates… who doesn’t love a date! Good or bad always a new experience! Plus more reason to go to new places… two birds and one stone!

5. You don’t have to suffer through any boring stuff or things you don’t…

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