Alone Behind The Door

light behind 1 

When you finished your last words to me

I felt the swing of the door push out the light

My memories of us sunk deep in black darkness

Nothing seemed right

I wish I had the courage to peek behind me

And hopefully see a crack of light, a sliver so bright

Thinking you had left the door open behind you

You had never closed it tight

How was it possible for me to be on your side of the door

To know you would welcome me, I might

If I pulled my thoughts inside, I could squeeze through the crack

Surely I would fit, if I made it right

Maybe I could stand by the door in silence and wait

Then if you pushed ever so slightly, I would be in your sight

I would stretch out my hand to the other side

You would grab it and hold it so tight

If only I had the courage to peek behind me

The pangs of uncertainty, I fight

I will wait for just a little longer

Until what I’m sure is behind the door is light

About cute2kiss

Purveyor of unbaked prose

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