Who’s Too Busy

busy 3

I’m too busy, you’re too busy . . . but what happened to making the time for those things – and people – that matter?  Isn’t that the true test of love?  Well, I am going to stick it way, way out there and disagree with conventional wisdom and say NO, well depends.

When you are with someone who matters to you, you enjoy being with and is important to you it doesn’t mean that you automatically have more time.  It does mean that you will find some time for them.

Where do you find that time, how do you make it?  I have three simple rules for everyone that will soon help you realize you aren’t too busy;

1.  UNDERSTANDINGDon’t stop doing the things you like.  Instead join in activities the other person finds important and interesting.  Learning about things that they like will help you understand them more. Understanding will move you closer to them mentally, physically and emotionally.

2.  COMMUNICATIONMake the little things count.  Have a minute, send a text.  The best one I ever received was “Boo!”  nothing else. Don’t send anything material, this rule is just for keeping communication open, not to buy or impress.  No expectation. No pressure. No request.

3.  PRIORITIESBeing 1st priority in someone else’s life is called stalking.  This is one of those times, where 1st is not best.  Never do you want to be first priority in someone’s life.  First  and maybe second should be work, kids, hobby for both of you.  Being 1st priority in someone’s life is just creepy.

What can you change?

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