Dating Tip: Let Her Breathe

So true! The beholder of the odor rarely knows how the impact they have.

1 Year of Single

For the last few days during my morning commute the same guy has sat next to me. Decent looking guy, but he reeks of cigarettes. Reeks. I can’t imagine the length he must go through to get ready in the morning, choosing clothing, shoes, thumb ring, only to lay down and roll around in a bed of cigarette ashes before taking to his morning commute.

When he sits next to me I’m forced to turn away. By the time we hit our destination station, the smell is either nearly dissipated or I’m used to it. Either way, it doesn’t lesson my disappointment to have an ash tray sit next to me every day. Its not the smoking thats a problem, its his obliviousness to emanation of odor that depresses me.

People dont realize the value of odor awareness. The last boyfriend I had never smelled. He showered. He appropriately spritzed…

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