Reciprocity of Chemistry Part 1 & 2

new 8

    Part 1

A week following a date, well let me back up a bit first. Several months ago – almost a year we, he and I, started by chatted casually; talking and texting. There seemed to be attraction going both ways. All was good. But, when we went out on a couple dates, it just didn’t mesh, it didn’t happen. I wasn’t sure where the problem was. So, last week we tried it again. It still didn’t feel sexy.

I hadn’t heard from him and it had been a week. So, I sent the following text this morning. “I’m getting ready for brunch this morning. Going back to the same place as for our date. I wanted to make sure you knew that I enjoyed our date. Thanks. I can’t decide if the reciprocity of chemistry is there; not sure what you think about that. But nonetheless, I definitely enjoy hanging out with you. Ttyl.”

    Part 2

Later that evening I got a reply text back and I think it’s the nicest, most direct text I have ever received from a guy.

Yea, the spark didn’t happen 😦 Somethin was there when we first met, but not afterward? I did also enjoy hanging out with u too! Ur a cool girl 🙂

It was good going out with u again to see if somethin was there. I knew u would b good company no matter what. I hope u guys had a good brunch. Stay in touch. Who knows, we could do dinner again sometime 🙂 TTYL.

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