Glad I Met You

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Thanks for the chat yesterday. With helping your parents and traveling for work, putting a pause to your personal life makes sense. I get it and appreciate you being kind. You know, meeting you was a fun plan that turned out wonderful in some unexpected ways. But, feeling comfortable enough with you to stay overnight was major; you made me feel safe. I have never had a reason to think you are anything but genuine – which is pretty cool.

So, I already knew things were different, I just didn’t know why. After Columbia, I could tell that our flirty talks stopped. I’m responsible but also very playful– that’s partly what connected us in the first place. So, I guess I was trying to resurrect that rhythm we had, by being playful. I am smart enough to know I couldn’t do it by myself; we are attracted to each other or not.

I don’t know what happens next – but if we ever get together again – you will know I am kind, not vindictive or cruel toward anyone, ever. So, restricting me on your FB page seems like a bit of overkill. Was that was to hide your friends from seeing anything about me or to hide something from me – I don’t know if it matters which. More than anything it was confusing.

I don’t want to be the cause of any problems in your life, from FB or in any other way. All I desire, someday, are the normal things; family, kids, (maybe a dog), the intimate love of a man, friends and lots of adventure – with the health and money to enjoy it all. Then, someday I’ll be ready to just get away from it all, yup . . . and retire! I can’t have that life if I am sour about things I can’t control.

Whatever you decide to do next, I’ll still be glad I met you.


So, J. was my one encounter of someone from somewhere else. He was perfect. We built up the mood for days over the phone, and new it was a chance to meet. We did! We meet 1/2 way in Columbia and had an evening of bliss and laughs and so much fun. But, as many good things, it quickly ended.

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