Again 2

I don’t know how to untangle everything we have together; the memories, the friends, the routine, the family, the kids, the stuff. I just have to see how long I can love you waiting for you to love me again.

Progress unfinished

Rushing Forward
Moving Quickly
Wanting More
Edging Toward



Life is Love and a Little More

Life is about learning, sharing and loving. We’re fortunate if we have the opportunity to do all three. Learning about others teaches us about ourselves. Sharing with those who refuse to want is the only kind that makes a difference. Loving. If you can love with all of your heart and share that love with someone else then you’ve learned how to live.

To Savor Your Love

You know what, one of the things I love so much about you is that even in the middle of your own funk, you have the kindness and the sensitivity to be concerned if I’m ok. That’s such a wonderful character trait, I’m amazed. You’re really a great guy. Thank you for loving me back.

My Strong Heart


I have a strong heart

I ask about the motive behind her communication

With you

No matter why she writes to you

You reach for me in the night

My heart is strong

I ask about her priorities when she knows I’m here

Why still

Why is she still talking to you

I know you ache for my kisses

My heart is strong

I believe I’m enough and can show you how I feel

About us

Respect me for loving and trusting you

Look for me in your dreams

I have a strong heart

I trust you

I love you ♥

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